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Review of the Dual Screen VARIDESK PRO Adjustable Standing Desk

Review of the Dual Screen VARIDESK PRO Adjustable Standing Desk
Review of the Dual Screen VARIDESK PRO Adjustable Standing Desk
Rating: 4.5 of 5
Reviewed by: Standing Desk FTW
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There are standing desks and sitting desks and then there are the adjustable standing desks such as the varidesk Pro which we review here.

Like many things in life, moderation is the key and that includes standing up! While there are benefits to standing up at your desk, it is not something you should really do all day. Standing up for so many hours every day can cause problems as well so sitting down sometimes is important. The problems caused by sitting down all day at a desk at work are well known and we've talked about them here before, but in brief the health issues caused by sitting down can include DVT (commonly associated with long-haul flights) and a range of others and since many of us spend our working lives sat at a desk this becomes a major issue which can prove fatal or debilitating.

The VARIDESK Solution

The solution to these sitting related issues is simply to stand up and this is why stand up desks are becoming so popular now. But as mentioned above you don't really want to have to stand up all day any more than having to sit all day so you really want an adjustable stand up desk. There are a number of solutions on the market for a wide range of prices and we will review others over time, but read on for our VariDesk review..

This particular height-adjustable desk is not a complete standalone desk but instead just plonks on top of your existing desk (presumably you already have one!) so you are not forced to throw out your old desk to make room for this one and you get the benefit of the drawers and any other features your existing desk provides. Once placed on your desk top you can effortlessly convert it from sitting height to standing height, with varying levels in between, just by using the spring-assisted levers - no need for expensive motorized systems.

Key Features

 * Easily fits on most desks
 * Switches from sitting to standing position in just seconds
 * Ergonomic design adjusts to any user's height
 * Big enough for two monitors
 * Built-in adjustable keyboard tray
 * Fully assembled & easy to setup
 * Free downloadable app for sit/stand alerts and calorie-burn counter
 * Large 36" x 23" Surface Area
 * Adjusts upward to a height of 15.5"
 * Keyboard surface measures 36" wide x 20"
 * Holds up to 35 lbs. of weight


To make life easier when switching between sitting and standing height you may want to get a wireless keyboard and mouse as well
Recommended by many standing desk aficionados is a mat to stand on which helps alleviate any strains associated with being stood up for a long time. This may not be needed when you use an adjustable desk like the Varidesk but they are cheap enough and probably worth having.
You may also find a Pomodoro timer useful although they do offer a downloadable app which does something similar.


The VARIDESK PRO is really a great product which not only looks good on your desk but also is highly functional and can help prevent the potentially very serious health conditions associated with being sat down for many hours. This PRO version is built to hold two monitors which these days is pretty much essential. I would consider even buying one of these things for everyone I know (if I was not financially challenged) who works at a desk because they are really that good and could provide them with immense health benefits over time and the price is considerably less than the full size adjustable desks. The customer reviews speak volumes and are overwhelmingly positive to the point of gushing - these things really are popular! Click the link below to read more reviews and product details - you owe it to your self.


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