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Sedentary Lifestyle - a standing desk can help prevent this killing you!

Sedentary Lifestyle - a standing desk can help prevent this killing you! In these modern times were there's an app for almost everything and a gadget or machine for the rest, it becomes harder not to live a sedentary lifestyle. Sometimes it is forced on us by the nature of our jobs, for example being sat in front of a computer all day every day. Other times it's because we're just too damn lazy... either way such a couch potato existence can very quickly become an open invitation to the grim reaper and of course nobody really wants that dude to crash the party! But what can be done about it?

But first, what does sedentary mean? Well in this context the sedentary definition is basically just the state of doing very little in the way of physical activity, of sitting all (or much) of the time.

Sitting Disease

Another fairly common name for sedentary lifestyle is sitting disease and so the clue is in the name - the "cure" then seems equally clear and that is to simply stop sitting! But of course that doesn't mean you should never sit, just don't spend most of your life on your rear end, slowly melding with the couch and growing roots. Sitting all day at work, then sitting on the bus/train/car on the way to and from work, then sitting in front of the TV at home when you're not working, sitting down to eat, not to mention more sitting in front of the pc at home.. I wont cover the whole business of using the toilet but that's even more sitting! All this adds up to a whole lot of sitting and it really isn't good for anyone so give it a rest, so to speak. 

Curing the Disease

As mentioned above, the fundamental "cure" is to simply stop sitting for so long and to get up and do something physical. A change in lifestyle is required and the sooner the better, before you get hit with all manner of serious health conditions such as DVT, Diabetes, Heart Disease and many more. Time is not on our side in lifestyle affected health matters so don't procrastinate! However just going to the gym once a day is not going to be enough, it will certainly be good for you health but it doesn't stop the damage done by many hours sitting down at work or elsewhere. 

When your job requires you to be in front of a PC then of course you can't just pack it in and go get a job climbing mountains or something nice and healthy like that (falling off them not withstanding) so you have to take another tack to stave off an early death. You need to start standing up in front of that PC (or whatever else you are currently forced to sit in front of to earn your keep) for a significant portion of the day. You should also alternate between sitting and standing as much as practical. By standing up you will actually be passively burning more calories than when sitting so it is an additional aid to weight loss. 

The Real Solution

So of course the real solution here, the most practical one for most people, is to invest in a standing desk or even an adjustable desk which switches between sitting and standing as required. You can go the budget route and make one for a few dollars from some bits and pieces bought at Ikea but for such a one time purchase it is well worth plonking down some extra cash to get something read made and designed properly for the job - it is for the sake of your health after all and what price can you put on that?

In the (slightly rewritten) words of Bob Marley - get up and stand up for your life!


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