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Standing Desks: what they are and why you need one!

If you, like countless millions of other busy people, spend your working life sat down at a desk all day every day of the working week (and often weekends too) you may be doing immense damage to your precious health and risk an early death or disability just by the very act of sitting down! While most of us are stuck with the job that has us sat down all the time, of course there are ways to minimize the risk, some fairly good ways in fact such as by using a standing desk instead of a plain old boring sitting desk..

So if you've watched the video above you will have a pretty good idea of what a standing desk is all about. But to recap, a standing desk is exactly what it sounds like - a desk that is raised to a height which allows you to work while standing up instead of sitting down on your expanding posterior. By standing up you burn more calories, reduce the risk of DVT and various other ailments and ultimately get more work done while feeling better about it.

Such desks have long been popular with world leaders such as Winston Churchill and Benjamin Franklin and frankly (see what I did there? ;) )  if it's good enough for them it's good enough for me!
We'll be reviewing a number of standing desks over time on this blog as well as publishing some hopefully interesting, informative and perhaps even entertaining articles - so come back soon! You can also follow along on Twitter or by subscribing to our RSS feed for updates.


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