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The Standing Desks Miracle

The Standing Desks Miracle The rate of indolence and inactivity in our office was at an all time high. Most of us used to sleep on our desks in the afternoon. Our boss made it his personal initiative to walk around the office to dissuade workers from sleeping. His initiative failed miserably as people kept slouching lazily on their chairs even during morning hours. He told us that he would come up with a solution that would ensure that all of us would remain on our feet during working hours. On one Monday morning we reported to work as usual, only to find out that our work stations had been replaced with standing desks.

The idea of a stand up desk amazed and amused me. Standing all day would surely make us exhausted. How did our boss expect tired and weary workers to perform their duties effectively? My curiosity about the subject was heightened and I was compelled to Google the concept. I was perplexed to find out that working while standing has more benefits than working while sitting. Apparently, sitting slows metabolism and increases the risk of early death, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

On that particular Monday, the boss came into the office three hours later than usual. When he noticed that everyone was busy and curious, he smiled. “I could have fired most of you, but I came up with a wise decision. Standing is very beneficial for your health and productivity. However, standing for long hours can be harmful. You will be, therefore, taking fifteen-minutes sitting breaks after working for two hours on your standing desks”. He then walked out of the office, displaying the joy of someone who had just won a world championship.

During the first week, most of the workers were excited by the idea of stand up desks. Everyone worked extremely hard. There was a lot of motivation, and several proposals for new ideas were proposed. The sitting breaks proved to be very essential since they provided an opportunity to rest and reflect on performance. By the end of three weeks, everyone was energized to the extent that afternoon naps had become a thing of the past. 

The changes made by the introduction of the new stand up work desks were mind boggling. Who would have imagined that a mere item of furniture could transform attitudes within such a short span of time? Our boss constantly congratulated us and gloated that he had known that the idea would be successful from the very beginning. He informed us that we had joined the ranks of great men such as Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, Ernest Hemingway and many other famous users of standing desks. We were proud of following in the footsteps of such over-achievers.

Our company improved tremendously. It became difficult for our boss to make promotions because everyone was performing exceptionally. Sales and revenues increased exponentially. The company bagged many awards. At an award ceremony for being the best manager, our boss was asked, "To whom or what, do you owe your success?"
"Standing desks, " he replied. Most members of the audience were puzzled, but we the employees understood the miracle that they had performed on the company's productivity and profitability. 


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