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Why Make the Switch to Stand Up Desks

Why Make the Switch to Stand Up Desks What comes to your mind when you hear the word 'desk'? The answer would definitely have to be a table on which one can work while being seated. This is the traditional desk, which contributes to a lot of health problems like heart diseases and obesity because it encourages the sedentary lifestyle. A healthier and better alternative would be to opt for the standing desk. In the case of this kind of desk, the user can work comfortably on the computer while standing up since the height of the desk would be taller than a regular or conventional desk.

Adjustable Desks

If you are thinking of getting yourself a stand up desk then investing in adjustable stand up desks would be a great idea. With this kind of desk you can adjust the desk height so that it would be comfortable for people of varying heights to use the same desk. Some of these adjustable stand up desks are motorized so that it becomes easier for the user to adjust the height of the desk. The good thing about these desks is that they come in various shapes and sizes therefore you are sure to find something that you’d like.


One of the primary reasons why you should switch over to a stand up desk is because it helps in burning up to three times more calories than a regular desk. Moreover, it helps to keep one moving and active rather than just sitting in one place in the same position for hours on end. The main difference between a standing desk and an adjustable desk is that the height can be adjusted in case of the latter, which makes it extremely versatile because anyone and everyone can use such desk, irrespective of his/her height.


The perils of sitting are far too many in number that it is almost staggering. Sitting is bad for one’s health therefore if you are working on a desk sitting for a majority of the time then you will have only yourself to blame for your deteriorating health. This is because sitting leads to heart diseases, cancers, early deaths, diabetes, obesity and so on. Sitting for extended period of time is not encouraged and this habit can be done away with for good with the help of adjustable stand up desks.

How High?

After you get yourself an adjustable stand up desk, how high should you adjust its height? Well, the rule of the thumb here is that the table height should be right at the elbow height or slightly below it. The monitor should be at your eye level, tilted at a 20 degree angle and about 20-26" away from the face. You will instantly be able to experience the difference once you switch over to using an adjustable stand up desk.


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